Town of Biscoe



New Commissioner, Jay Patel was originally born India, Mr. Patel then moved to North Carolina in the 2,000’s, where he would then become accompanied by his wife and two children. He landed his first job in Raleigh, NC, where he was very well known by the citizens in the community and the elected officials in their local government. After serving 10 years in Raleigh at a tax company, Mr. Patel decided it was time for a change. He stated, “I wanted to find a way to expand my ideas for my business to a place that has room for more opportunity and growth and Biscoe was essentially the right place for just that.” Mr. Patel would open his first business here in Biscoe called Easy gas gas-station. The love he has for the town and his customers, then promoted him to move into the area. He went on to say, “Biscoe presented me with more opportunities than any other town I have worked in, although I come from another culture, all the people here support me, and it makes me feel at home.” As a new council member, Mr. Patel hopes to be able to bring not only his business skills but also his problem-solving skills to the table, in efforts to work with the community on any problems or concerns they may have, as long as it beneficial for both the local government and the citizens of the town. He looks forward to getting to know the rest of the town council members, as well as being able to become more actively involved in the community.