Press Release | 12.14.20


Biscoe Police meet fund raising goal in less than 24 hours using TikTok


One of the main focuses of the Biscoe Police Department recently has been Community Policing. In response to the recent unfortunate events on national scale involving police officers, the Biscoe Police Chief has decided to respond by spreading positivity and encouraging his officers to do the same. One of the goals of the Community Policing campaign is to add a Narcotics K-9 to the department. This addition will further the Departments efforts to keep drugs out of the community in addition to being able to interact with the public as it will be a non-aggressive breed.


To fund this effort the Department took to fundraising. On Wednesday November 18, Sergeant Dale “DJ” Capel Jr. and Chief Shane Armstrong made a post on TikTok encouraging followers to donate to the cause. The post has reached over 4 million people and with a goal of just under $13,000, the donations totaled over $17,000 in less than 24 hours. The total fundraiser has raised over $30,000 to date.


“I am truly humbled at the generosity people all across this country have shown us by taking a leap of faith to donate to a cause that means so much to us.” Sgt Dale Capel

The K-9s will come from K-2 Solutions, a global defense and mitigation company located nearby. So impressed with the support that the department has gotten, they’ve decided to include an additional k-9 at no cost to the department.


“Our agency has been overwhelmed with thousands and thousands of supporters many whom we haven’t met personally and very strong support locally, but they took the step to turn our vision into a reality, we are truly very fortunate” Chief Shane Armstrong


From the Mayor

“I couldn’t be more proud of the support that has been shown to our Police Department. Things like this let you know that you’re headed in the right direction. We are truly grateful to have such great men, women, and soon K-9s serving the safety of our community.” Mayor Eddie Reynolds


To learn more about this and to stay up to date, follow the Town of Biscoe on ALL social media outlets. For additional information please contact the Biscoe Police Department at 910-428-2978.


In October the Biscoe Police Department decided to do a gun raffle fund raiser with items donated by a company (who would like to remain anonymous). The Fundraiser went for approximately two months ending on Dec 7th selling a total of 674 tickets. The total fund raiser netted $31,236.


In the meantime Sgt. Capel had been contacted by TikTok as one of 30 officers in the country to be recognized and asked to participate in a national police meet and greet event hosted by TikTok. Sgt Capel on the left (below) decided to use his influence to assist the Department in asking his followers to add to the fundraiser.

Sgt. Capel & Hondo

Lt. Cloninger & Qito



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