Town of Biscoe

BISCOE Cemetery

The Biscoe Cemetery is located at 480 N Main Street, Biscoe, N.C. 27209

The Town of Biscoe prides itself on having a pristine and well-managed cemetery for citizens to lay their loved ones to rest. Town staff works diligently to keep it well-groomed. The Town owns and maintains the land, which is individually deeded to those who purchase plots.
There are a few stipulations to consider before purchasing a cemetery plot. Please review the following:
The Biscoe Cemetery is divided into 3 different Sections (Section A, Section B, Section D).


Note: Leave this accordion Blank.
Section A is 100+ years old and the Town has few records/deeds for this section.
No graves available.
Section B is the first section you see when you drive in the cemetery.
The Town has most of the records for this section.
We only have a few scattered graves available for purchase.

  ▸ $200 per grave inside residents
  ▸ $400 per grave outside residents

Plot Sizes:
  ▸ 1 grave plot     4 x 10   40 square feet
  ▸ 2 grave plots   8 x 10   80 square feet
  ▸ 4 grave plots   8 x 20  160 square feet
Section D is located by the flag pole, and was opened up in 2013. The Town is only
opening segments of this section at a time. This section has graves available.

  ▸ $300 per grave inside residents
  ▸ $700 per grave outside residents

Plot Sizes:
  ▸ 1 grave plot     4 x 10   40 square feet
  ▸ 2 grave plots   8 x 10   80 square feet
  ▸ 4 grave plots   8 x 20  160 square feet
The Town maintains records regarding the plot owner. This record may or may not reflect the name of the person who is buried in that plot.
After purchasing the graves, please allow two weeks to receive your signed and notarized deeds. The Town will keep two copies for its records. Please record your deed with the Montgomery County Register of Deeds in Troy. The Register of Deeds is located on 2nd Floor of the Administration Building at 102 East Spring Street in Troy, N.C. 27371. For information on recording your deed, call (910) 576-4271. To purchase a grave at the Biscoe Cemetery, please contact Town Clerk, Laura B. Morton, CMC, NCCMC, at (910) 428-4112.