Town of Biscoe



110 West Main Street
Biscoe, N.C. 27209

My name is Barry Jackson. I have been a resident of Biscoe for 12 years now as an adult and spent the majority of my childhood growing up in Star and Biscoe. I am a graduate of East Montgomery High School (1991). Upon completion of high school I spent 1 year at Catawba College in Salisbury furthering my education and also playing football. After 1 year at Catawba I transferred to N.C. State in Raleigh where I earned a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Textile Management (1996).
From the time I was 16 years old until the age of 27 I worked in the textile industry. All of those years were spent working at Springs Industries right here in Biscoe. As the textile industries decline worsened I decided to take on a new adventure by going into business for myself. I knew I didn’t want to live anywhere else so I started my business about a mile outside of Biscoe. I have been the owner at Jacksons Body Shop for 20 years now.
I have been married to my wife Heather for 21 years. Heather is a RN at Montgomery Memorial in the ER. We have four children; Will (19), Luke (15), Stone (9), and Jaye (7). Football season is big for our family since Will plays college ball, Luke plays high school, Stone plays AAU Travel football, and Jaye plays softball. When we aren’t on the field we all enjoy taking our RV on long weekend trips or working around the house.
Biscoe has always been my hometown. I’m proud to live here and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. People have asked me many times over the years why I want to be here. The answer has always been…Simplicity. My family lives here, my work is here, my church is here. That’s what I like about Biscoe the most.
Going forward there is no doubt that Biscoe will continue to grow. In the next 4 years I want to see smart growth for this town. Smart growth means more jobs that pay better and help our citizens prosper. Smart growth also means growing economically without losing the small town atmosphere.
I look forward to serving the Town of Biscoe and its citizens for many years to come.